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"WAIT FOR ME" was Posted On: Monday, October 27, 2014 @Monday, October 27, 2014 | 0 lovely comments
This post should be posted on Sunday, but I'm quite lazy to be writing a blog post. Well, I had been bought this shoe since Sunday. Its red in colour. Its bought from Vincci.

The video that I must be sharing to you guys! is quite touch, no doubt.

Chicken or The Egg

This video content feom SME. It is restricted from playback on certain sites. Watch on YouTube.

You guys should check out this, whether you will choose chicken or the egg. Okay, I'm having my 2 weeks holiday right now, bad news, soon to end, and I'm going back to school. Early in the morning, I wake, and following my mum to her office, because I have to go for bank to open acc, bt I'm in bad luck! Their system down! OMG! This few days I'm typing my assignment of commerce. Yes! Assigment of Commerce, it's like college's assignment of business studies, but our typing language in Chinese, without words limited, like must be over 1000 words. It's easier than college's assignment.
This is the last year that I will be in Chong Hwa Independent High School, and this is the year I'm having UEC! I still have 4 months, that I will be graduated! Sound nice right? Hehehhes, this year I had been went to Hong Kong and China on New Year. All my travel photo was posted on instagram, I went for 9 days, from Shen Zhen go along to Guang Zhou, and back to Shen Zhen, and go along to Hong Kong. 
Due to my lappie was certify that died! I'm not sure what the problem, but I got it to repair, the repairer, repaired after I got it back home, the problem same agn! So I got it back to the repairer, and almoat a month, the repairer, still havent done it! OMG! Then I got it back, and left it alone in my room. So it's make me harf to blog and all my private stuff, are going to gone. Urgh... This make ma having many troubles, like typing my own blogpost or doing assignment have to beg my bro to lend me his lappies. That's y I didn't blog always, and my laziness make me feel I dont want to move. Hahahha. Okay, should stop here. 
"07.06.13" was Posted On: Friday, June 7, 2013 @Friday, June 07, 2013 | 0 lovely comments
It had been almost a year, I didn't blog, it is not really feeling is a good thing. Today is my 2nd day of holiday, i went movie with lbk. :) we had our lunch, then we went to cinema for Fast and Furious 6.
Woots! It's really nice!

Fast and furious 6 trailer

It had been long, that I didn't walk-in cinema, because I am having exam on May, during exam, I have to study!  So that, I have no enough time to spend on movies. Okay. I have to tell my readers, that I'm 18 years old this year, I still study at secondary school, senior 3, because that I'm taking SUEC, so I continue my secondary school studies. I think that I still have not more than 5 months, I am going to graduate. Woots! sound quite nice, right?
This 5 years in my secondary school, is just like in a matter of minutes. :x Going to graduate. OMG! Feeling not to leave my school, I think I will kinda miss my secondary school life.
Trying to keep all the memory right nw! I think taking pics is my way to store all the memory. But I not the one who like to take pics. How can I store all the memory?
This few days the people who named CC is a Girl's Generation fever! She said, she stalked my blog, and asked me why do I long time didnt blog. So my way to make her to mention me is blog a liitle about her. She is a stupid person who always jioless! and I am the one who are patternless, but she trying to make me being a person who many pattern! She said that I am not even in her heart. Oops! Actually, me too! Hahahha! Well! I think I stop her, because after she saw it, she will find me as well, and said me pattern, but after she saw this sentence, she wont.
"25.05.13" was Posted On: Wednesday, May 29, 2013 @Wednesday, May 29, 2013 | 0 lovely comments
Is just a normal day for me. Today i was like yesterday, busying on tuition. I am planning this Sat go to Pavi, have to choose present. I think I am going alone. I cant asked she along, because is her present. HAHAHAHA!
By the way i have no idea, what to get to her. -.- Maybe ....... (Girl, when you saw it, you can try to guess yourself.) Hard to think actually. HAHAHAHHA! :) After her bdae, i have no idea, what can i do. I have to prepare SPM! SPM is keep countdown-ing. Ish! Bullshit, dont know what can I do right now.
I am going to Help University, so I will continue my senior 3. NOT COLLEGE LIFE, how bout you guys?
Is hard to choose stay or go. Stay, have to stress more 1 year; Go, college life, new life. Having graduation trip, where? LEGOLAND. I think i am not going, because i dont want. Hehehehhehehssss....
I think I will choose to go Taiwan with family. Hmm... Family is da best. These few day, I feel that having wrong feeling. Keep on scold people, keep on angry, should not be that! My bro is moved out from house, I dont know where he live, he didn't tell me, mum didn't ask. I want a house can stay alone!
Apartment? NO. I want condominum with a big swimming pool! HAHAHAH! I miss a place......

Pulau Redang, SEA.

When i went there, I feel that stress is giving out. No more stress. woohooo, hope that can go on this year, Hope that driving along by myself or friends. HAHAHAH! :)
"3.7.12" was Posted On: Tuesday, July 3, 2012 @Tuesday, July 03, 2012 | 0 lovely comments
The first day of June, what to do? Durnig school holiday, what to do? Went singapore, 3 days 2 night. It was friday, went Jusco, Kepong watched MIB3 (Men In Black 3), feel abit boring at the end. But like the way they having war.
Totally forgot what the movie about. Hahahahah! Not good in memorize, and before this movie i know that pitbull was lauching a new song, "Back In Time". After this movie, i am addicted on it.
After movie, went for tuition. After tuition i start my vacation. SINGAPORE. In the early morning, I reach Johor on 3am, and I didn't get any sleep. So tired!
Too many people, 12 people, so I have to sit my cousin car. My dad's car is full, 7 people. We went kastam amd then we went Woodlands.

They are discussing where to go, because they don't know have to go which place first, after that we went Sentosa for first place. I want to go Orchard Road, but not enough time. Grrr...

I want to live at here, so nice. Why is a Sentosa so amazing? So nice?

Their view!

And we went here. I want to go up, but they dont want. Spot LV at there, I want go opposite. But they kep saying not enough time, really not enough time.

That day's outfit
TOP : zara, hk
SKIRT : kitschen
SHOE : converse, hk
BAG : long charmp, england
NECKLACE : korea

tired face, so fat.

Like their night view!

Went we going back to Johor, we stuck in the traffic jam. So no good! :(

And we went out already 10pm, went for dinner and back Johor Bahru's house. We went to seafood restaurant, the restaurant can see the night view of Singapore! Cool!
The another day, we went to Seremban to have our lunch, and I went to clinic consult doctor, because I always stomach edge. So painful, and my cousin, asked me so pain?! I asked her, why you know, and she told me, your face all white, so I know it pain. I went their, after breakfie (dim sum).
I reached home on 9pm on that day. The day gone, my 2 weeks holiday, is just repeating sleep and eat.
"1.6.12" was Posted On: Sunday, June 17, 2012 @Sunday, June 17, 2012 | 0 lovely comments
I went to Jalan Segambut for my undang, so boring... LISTENED MORE THAN 5 HOURS.
"26.5.12" was Posted On: Saturday, May 26, 2012 @Saturday, May 26, 2012 | 0 lovely comments
Is that a good news? 18 days didnt post any blog page? For me, NO! because i just done my 2 weeks exam! Tired! I have try my best... Everyday slept after 12am, but study at 10pm, how can i sleep on time? Hahahhahah!
And of course study while twitting! :) Follow me?!  @Q_yee

 Before exam keep on listening music while having class, make me cant concentrate! No good :/
 And the phone full of missed call and talk box noftifications! :O

 I am a good girl! Mother's day went to have a dinner with cousin and grandpa and grandma! Woots! They feel very happy! :) That day's outfit! :)

Skirt : H&M, HONGKONG 

Bag : Long Champ, England

Necklace : Korea

Instragram follow me: q_yee
I am a good good girl, during exam still dinner with mum and dad, until 10pm. So tired, but happy! That time they planning which the day to go Singapore. Confrimed! During exam, I always use this pix! Smile :) to study my exam! Do well on it! Yeah, babe.... 
And! Saw it?
                    @adidasNEOLabel is following me!
Give adidas a like!  
                                                                        Adidas is all in.

Until the last day! What I did? Watch this! Comic, not book is movie on my Iphone, so fuuny and cute!

Shopping list is added this two skirt 

I found in my Iphone! I am so hardworking.... Study Malay till crazy! ahahhahaha! Is a good sense or no?!

And a unlucky thing is having, HE is slept my bed... My bro slept my bed! I have no bed to sleep! :(

And, I finished my exam! Number of CHKL! #080944
End my exam paper with this photo! :)

Tomorrow is 20.5.2012! This date I like always! 520! I love you.

"19.5.12" was Posted On: Saturday, May 19, 2012 @Saturday, May 19, 2012 | 0 lovely comments

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